Hi, I’m Itsi! I’m a data scientist, applied mathematician, and project coordinator from Sydney, Australia. I live in New York City, USA.

My current projects are proprietary work in deep neural networks for natural disaster prevention, along with running Couchers.org, a nonprofit I co-founded to replace Couchsurfing, and being the Editor-in-Chief of The Good Taste Guide, a comprehensive vegan companion to New York City. I work closely with my friend, fellow mathematician and software developer Aapeli Vuorinen.

Previously, I worked as a quantitative researcher for Akuna Capital, designed classes for an optimisation module for students at the Melbourne Business School, and completed my research for a master’s degree in mathematics and statistics at the University of Melbourne under supervision of Professor Peter Taylor; focussing on developing a new machine learning method for inferring the topology of the Bitcoin P2P network, a task which has a significant impact on the pseudonymity properties of the cryptocurrency. I have made the thesis available here.

Please get in contact with me if you’d like to discuss potential projects or consulting.


I have played the violin for over 20 years. In recent years, I played with the Engineering Music Society at the University of Melbourne as a first violin in its orchestra, and occasionally in a string quartet. I have taken several courses in music theory and have composed some pieces for chamber groups. I love and know too much about classical music of the 20th century. For an intro to 20th century music, check out this playlist.

I am a big fan of live comedy. I also have an award for writing sketch comedy. In 2019 I landed an artist pass for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and got to see 37 shows over four weeks. Please do not hesitate to ask me for recommendations.

I like to take off time to travel when it’s possible, usually spending at least a month in a given country. Some favourite places of mine have been Georgia, Mexico, and Egypt.

I’m a big fan of cooking and eating. I frequently organise home-cooked dinners and outings with my friends. My three favourite vegetables are eggplant, capsicum and cucumber.